The Impact Life Platform

Paying it forward is the key of our platform and our foundation, help us make this happen and be the difference…!

Our hope is that through your experience, we will encourage you and others to believe in IMPACT and change. Through this IMPACT they, too, can have a BIG BANG on issues that may appear too difficult to battle.

Opportunity awaits for us all, your growth is our growth and to be daring and utilize our remarkable mantle as philanthropists to spark, and even pilot, the battleship to social change.

The impact Life Platform is created to make our work available to:
– every company that wants to impact the lives of their employees and clients
– every person who wants to escape from everyday life and take action on what they really want
– everybody who is willing to learn and be a difference

The Impact Life Foundation

The Impact Life Foundation is part of The Impact Life Platform. It was created within the Platform to make our work accessible around the world. And to make it possible for anyone to join our mission.

The Impact Life Foundation is created with the following purpose:
– advise non-profit organisations, families and individuals with their mission to create more impact
– support / sponsor new philanthropic ideas that make our world a better place

The Impact Life Foundation is open to collaborate with international foundations who are willing to impact lives and make a difference. Our purpose is to share knowlegde and expand our vision with other foundations.

What we offer

Advisory Boards for non-profits
Advisory Boards for non-profits
The Foundation offers support to entrepreneurs, and organizations who have great ideas that make the world a better place.
If your team, your organization fits this profile and are in need of strategic advise please contact us through the contact form.
Connecting through Masterhearts
Connecting through Masterhearts
A Masterheart is a person who knows how to listen to his/her heart and is eager to be guided by the heart and not just the brain.
In the Masterheart groups people come together and inspire and challenge each other.
Sponsoring by the Foundation
Sponsoring by the Foundation
The Foundation supports and sponsors all kinds of non-profit projects related to giving forward.
Also the Foundation provides customized personal sponsoring for participation in the Impact Programs.
The Impact Life Program
The Impact Life Program
This training invites you to work and live from your heart, grow on what you need to renew your life. We believe that the right circumstances allow you to bring your senses together and will enable you to feel and learn.
The Impact Work Program
The Impact Work Program
The Impact Work Program was created to impact teams, employees and clients. To work from the heart, grow in personal leadership and be able to make a real difference on the workfloor, together with collegues. This program is suitable for incompany also.
The Impact Life Retreat
The Impact Life Retreat
The Impact Life Retreat is a true gift to your heart!
A week of impactful learnings, passionate music, delicious healthy foods, in touch with nature, all combined in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Due to the pandamic there are no live courses at the moment. We will keep you posted.

What we stand for

We believe in bringing meaning to life. And also in the concept of giving forward. We believe in the power of the heart and that love and compassion brings us together. We believe in a world where good intentions and actions matter most.

We believe that our true calling is to help people do great things. The potential in people is inmense.
We want to connect to people from our hearts. To increase trust. To grow ourselves and make people grow.
We believe in building a better world, on whatever scale. To help, connect and bond people.
We build the stories together. We aim for unforgetable stories, fulfilled with trust, knowledge and strength.
Our goal is to provide support, new projects, programs that make all the difference in lives and organizations.
It is all about really making it happen, enabling that truly, beautiful, impactful change in actual life.
Our Foundation’s true meaning is to give forward through impacting lives through love and consideration by helping those in need of fulfilling their  dreams.

Our Story

What is it about impacting lives that we find so rewarding? So rewarding that we just want to jump out of bed each morning to continue in our journey?

The story of the founders of The Impact Life Foundation started at a tennisclub in the Netherlands. There, in the early spring of 2015 we met for the first time, 3 business women in a tennis outfit. At first sight, completely different women who probably would have walked past one another in the street. But fortunately, are story began, because we were put together in a team. We got to know each other in between games and, after a while, a special friendship grew.


We somehow managed to surprise and inspire each other regularly with our way of thinking and doing. We had great encounters which ensured that the contact between us grew. What bonded us was two things:

  1. Despite our different backgrounds and lifestyle, we found out that we shared the same vision. We all had our own journeys. But we shared how beautifull and effective it is when you are working from the heart.
  2. Despite the fact that we all had great education and working experience, we were lacking something in life. In our work we all did more than our clients expected, adding value to companies and making organisations get better results. But still there seemed to be an emptyness inside us. We were happy, but there as a missing link. We wanted our lives to matter more. Not just impacting organisations, but impacting lives. It all came together in our talks and somehow we connected the dots.


It came down to meaning and contribution: We all felt there is a need for change in the world. A need for beauty, love, connection and meaning. A need for our true selves and leaving a legacy. And for the first time in out lives we did something great: We started something from our heart with faith, hope and love as the core ingredients. And so a beautiful and exciting journey began…

What people say

“The Impact Life Program is a beautiful holistic program through which you gain valuable personal insight of yourself. With simple tools and some guidance from Jaqueline, Anne-Marijn and Arlette you can transform or enhance some of your personal trades. You will walk away with a better version of yourself! Truly a gem of a program which I would recommend to everybody who is looking for ways to enhance their experience of life and their contribution to others.”
Paula G. – The Netherlands – 2018

“With wonder and admiration, I experienced how much can happen in one weekend. Participants were touched, shocked, happy and became aware of what they did not yet know. There were emotions, tears and happiness. There was real effective listening, that had an impact! There was also time for reflection, exercise and good food. I am so glad that I was there, this gives strength.”
Hanneke v.d. V. – The Netherlands – 2018


Question: Why a foundation?

Answer: It is all about our mission to impact, to collaborate and to give forward.
Through our foundation we distribute our programs and retreats and make them accessable for other foundations, organizations (profit and non-profit) and individuals. Through our foundation we sponsor and support those who give their time and effort to making the world a better place. And through our foundation we launch new impactful ideas.
We believe we can create the most impact when we create and build together!

Question: How can I make a donation to the foundation?

Answer: You can transfer your donation to:

IBAN: NL91 RABO 0166.2901.73
Name: The Impact Life Foundation
Description: Donation [your name][your email]

Please mention your name and email in the description. That way we can thank you and keep you posted about all our work.
Ofcourse you can also donate anonymously if you prefer.

Question: I would like the support of the Foundation. What should I do?

Answer: Please contact us through the contact form in this website. We look forward to getting to know you. We ask you to prepare a motivational letter for us explaining a bit abour who you are, what your mission is, what your current situation is towards were you are going and how we can support you further.

Question: I would like to join a Masterheart group. Is this possible?

Answer: We have recently started Masterheart Groups in The Hague (The Netherlands) and in Miami (Florida, USA). If you wish to join us or start a group elsewhere, please contact us through the webform and do tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.

Question: I would like to join one of the programs. How does this work?

Answer: Thank you for your interest. You can look at the dates and information on this website and apply trough the form. Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional questions.

Question: Do you also provide The Impact Work Program in company?

Answer: Yes we do. We give our trainings all over the world and are happy to travel to you. The duration of our trainings is 1-5 days, depending on the needs and wishes  of the organization. Please contact us for further information.

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